Charleston, SCWorkers compensation is an important benefit that is available to almost all workers if they are hurt while performing their job duties. The amount of compensation that will be paid out is normally comparable to their regular salary, but there are limitations on the total amount of time that a person can continue to collect benefits through this program under South Carolina law. Aside from monetary compensation, there are other forms of protection through the workers compensation system.

Lost job skills

Another issue that can become a problem for someone who spends an extended amount of time out of work is a loss of job skills. It is possible for certain workers to receive vocational training through their workers compensation benefits. This becomes especially relevant as technology begins to advance rapidly and change workplaces each year. Someone may become essentially useless to their company if they spend just a few months away from their job while changes are happening.    

Retraining for injured employees

It is certainly possible that a worker may miss months or years of employment and fall behind on their job skills. The process to regain these skills is often called vocational rehabilitation. State law in South Carolina governs exactly how workers can receive additional training after a work related injury. 

South Carolina regulations for additional training after an injury

Workers in South Carolina can possibly receive additional training and other forms of vocational rehabilitation. However, this is an inquiry that can vary based on the specific employer in question, the worker’s situation, and the specific coverage that applies to the worker. A worker may even receive on the job training while recovering if a doctor determines that the worker can be assigned light duty that will not physically strain them or cause additional injury. If the employee is not satisfied with this determination, they may be able to get a second opinion from another doctor if their coverage provides for this option. 

Starting the process to receive training

The injured worker must have already filed a claim either on their own or through their employer. The South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission is the governing body that handles these matters. Most of the additional steps through the commission including court hearings, various forms and documentation, and other procedural steps should be done with either the workplace’s human resources department of the assistance of an attorney. The specific injury along with any possible issue caused by lapses in employment should be well documented.  

Contacting a lawyer

When a work injury is apparent, there is help available in the Charleston area for victims. The Clekis Law Firm focuses on workers compensation and related matters to help local clients. 

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