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Thanks to the state laws in the effect in Alaska, employees or workers who sustain injuries or pass away as a result of workplace accidents or mishaps are entitled to compensatory damages for the losses incurred by them, be it economic or noneconomic. In case of death, their dependent family members will be entitled to damages.

Usually, people who have been affected by a workplace accident are to be compensated by their employer for medical costs and disability benefits. If the victim has incurred some sort of permanent limitations, then he or she will be further entitled to a few additional rights and benefits.

Provided that the work or the accident or injury occurred while the employee was on duty, then the compensation is for life. The injury or the disability of course should disallow the victim from earning to the extent that they could or can without the disability in order to receive workers compensation benefits.

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Fraudulent workers compensation claims are no reason to deny valid claims!

It is true that a lot of people have and continue to file frivolous workers compensation claims where they are either, for the lack of a better phrase, “faking it” or playing up their disability or are pretending to be disabled even after having fully healed just so that they can continue to receive workers compensation benefits without actually ever having to work.

Nevertheless, frivolous claims do not warrant that every claim made should be denied. However, many employees flatly deny workers compensation benefit claims.

We agree that they need to be wary of every claim they receive and investigate it thoroughly, but it needs to be iterated that for every frivolous claim filed there are probably tens of valid claims with real workers compensation victims who are in dire straits and are really in need of the workers’ compensation benefits.

It can get especially confusing for Alaskan workers who are injured in a workplace accident and they are not sure whether to report it or not in fear of being retaliated against specifically since they have other coverage such as health insurance, accident insurance, or company provided insurance, etc. Irrespective of whether or not they have any other coverage, the law pertaining to workers compensation in Alaska is simple.

Courtesy of Alaska Title 23, the workers compensation law “shall furnish medical, surgical, and other attendance or treatment, nurse, and hospital services, medicine … and medical apparatus”.

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