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Were You Injured at Work in Wyoming?
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Injured at work in Wyoming? You may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance program mandated by the state of Wyoming that provides workers who were injured on the job with compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. Dependants of a deceased worker killed on the job may be eligible for death benefits.  But while most workers are entitled to compensation, there are times when their rights are ignored.

Luckily, legal help is available right now for anyone injured at work  and for dependants of the deceased worker. USAttorneys features access to some of the best and most experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in Wyoming who will help you recover the benefits you deserve. Our site feature detailed profiles on the best attorneys in the state who specialize in occupational injury benefits and occupational safety laws, so you know you’ll be working with a knowledgeable legal professional.

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Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Laws

In Wyoming, employers are required to provide workers’ comp benefits to their employees. There are no numerical exceptions to this legal requirement and waivers are not permitted. This means that if you are working in Wyoming, you are most likely covered.


Rules for Filing a Claim

According to Wyoming’s workers’ compensation laws, employees who have been injured on the job must report the incident to their employer as quickly as possible. You must take note of your injury and inform your employer within 72 hours of the accident causing your injury and within 10 days to the Workers’ Compensation Division.

Your report will then be analyzed before you are approved for coverage. If approved, you can expect coverage for medical expenses related to the treatment of your injury, as well as transportation costs you have spent going to and from your healthcare provider.

If you have provided all documentation, you should receive benefits without an issue. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan. Many victims are denied the benefits they rightfully deserve, but that’s where having a top attorney makes a world of difference. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will help you file a claim and ensure your documents are accurate. They will investigate the accident and speak to your employer and the insurance company – even your physician. They will stop at nothing to recover your compensation.

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