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Did you know that most employees in Washington are eligible to receive benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation program? Workers’ compensation, which is often referred to as workers’ comp or workmans’ comp, is a type of insurance plan that employers offer to their employs and which ensures that employees obtain medical and wage benefits in the event of a workplace injury.  Workers’ comp insurance also pays death benefits to eligible dependants of workers who are killed in an on-the-job accident.

If you have suffered an accident at your job, whether it was your fault or not, you can benefit from working with an attorney, and we can help you find the best in your area.

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Washington Workers’ Compensation Laws

 It is compulsory for all employers to carry appropriate insurance coverage to provide injured workers with coverage for medical expenses and lost wages. There are no numerical exceptions to this rule, which means that any business in Washington, regardless of the number of employees on the payroll, is required to carry workers’ comp coverage.

Medical Benefits: If you are injured at work and need treatment, first and foremost, seek medical help at  the emergency room or doctor of your choice and let your healthcare provider know that you were injured at work. The physician will then assist you in filing the workers’ compensation claim. If your claim is approved, your employer will cover medical bills directly related to your injury. Your coverage may continue until your doctor certifies your injury has become stable or fully recovered, or when further recover is not expected.

Wage Benefits: If you miss work because of your job-related injury and your physician certifies you are unable to work, your employer may pay for a portion of your lost wages, known as “time‑loss compensation.” However, the 3 days in a row of work immediately following your injury is considered a waiting period and will not be paid. If you completed treatment for the injury, but have suffered a permanent disability, you may qualify for a Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) award. If you sustained a Permanent Total Disability (PTD), you may be eligible for even greater benefits in the form of a pension. Pensions for PTD are offered in the event that 1) You lose (or lose the use of) both legs, both arms, an arm and a leg, or your vision, even if you can return to work, or 2) Your injury prevents you from ever obtaining gainful employment.

Unfortunately, these benefits may be denied or reduced unfairly. If this has happened to you, our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in Washington will take on your case and help you obtain your rightful benefits.

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