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Were you injured at your place of employment? Are you struggling to obtain medical benefits or lost wages? Do you feel you have been denied your rightful compensation? If so, you may benefit from the expertise of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney.

Did you know that most employees in Virginia are eligible to receive benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation program? Workers’ compensation, which is often referred to as workers’ comp or workmans’ comp, is a type of insurance plan that employers offer to their employs and which ensures that employees obtain medical and wage benefits in the event of a workplace injury.  Workers’ comp insurance also pays death benefits to eligible dependants of workers who are killed in an on-the-job accident. Unfortunately, despite the wide range of benefits parties may receive, victims aren’t always given their rightful compensation. Other times, benefits are paid, but a portion of those benefits may be withheld.

If you have suffered an accident at your job, whether it was your fault or not, you can benefit from working with an attorney, and we can help you find the best in your area.

USAttorneys features a network of top workers’ compensation lawyers in Virginia who will protect your rights. Our attorneys understand the law and who will help you recover the benefits you are entitled to after suffering a workplace injury. Just browse the site to learn more about the legal professionals in your hometown, then give them a call to obtain more information or to schedule a consultation. It’s that easy. Let help you obtain justice for the pain and suffering experienced after a workplace accident.


Virginia Workers’ Compensation Laws

Virginia law requires every employer who regularly employs three or more full-time or part-time employees to purchase and maintain workers’ compensation insurance. Employers with fewer than three employees may voluntarily opt to offer workers’ comp benefits.

Benefits include payment for medical expenses, wages lost due to the injury or disability, and death benefits for dependants. But what happens when these benefits are denied?

It is important for victims to understand they have a right to file an appeal in the event a claim is refuted and to seek legal counsel to protect their rights. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in Virginia know the law and strive to recover the benefits you deserve following a workplace injury.  All of our featured lawyers are committed to obtaining justice for victims and will take on your case, will speak with your employer, insurance company, and doctors, and will even help you obtain medical treatment if you haven’t already done so.


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Whether your injuries are major or minor, temporary or permanent, if you were involved in a workplace accident in Virginia, you may be eligible to obtain workers’ comp benefits. Our skilled workers’ compensation lawyers are ready to help you file a successful claim right now. Contact one of our featured attorneys today to schedule a consultation and discuss the benefits you may be eligible for.