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Were you injured in a work-related accident in Utah? There are some things you should know. In Utah, employers are legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance that protects employees who are hurt on the job and provides coverage for medical expenses related to the injury, as well as wage benefits after taking time off for recovery or due to disability. There are few exceptions to this law.

It’s important to know what your rights are in the event of a workplace injury or the death of a loved one in a workplace accident. You may be entitled to benefits, and may not even know it. You may also be denied these benefits unfairly.  For these reasons, it’s important to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney who knows the laws and who will protect your right to medical and wage benefits following job site injuries. helps workers and their dependants connect with experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Utah quickly and easily.  After an injury or loss, no one has time to go through hundreds of attorneys in hopes of finding the right one. We eliminate that stress by offering you access to only the top attorneys in the state who will help you file a claim and protect your right to benefits.

There are dozens of attorney profiles to check out, so take your time and browse through each lawyer’s page so you can find your ideal legal representative. No matter who you choose to work with, rest easy knowing that all our featured lawyers are experienced, knowledgeable in state occupational laws, licensed to practice in the state of Texas, and are committed to protecting your rights.

Utah Workers’ Comp 101

If your employer has workers’ comp insurance, there are certain steps you must follow in the event you are hurt on the job. First, you should get first aid or emergency medical treatment as soon as possible. Here are eight important steps to follow after an injury. You must also notify your employer of the incident and make sure they file a report of the accident to both the Utah Workers’ Compensation Fund (WCF ) and the Labor Commission. After obtaining medical treatment, you must also inform your physician that they must file a “Physician’s Initial Report of Work Injury or Occupational Disease” (Labor Commission Form 123) and submit the form to the same agencies. Then, the WCF will set up a claim and investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury and provide you with your coverage benefits.

Medical benefits are provided for reasonable and necessary medical care. You may also be reimbursed for mileage to and from your healthcare professional. Lost wage benefits are paid when your physician says you are unable to work because of your injury or because of an occupational illness.


Working with a Top Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Utah

Though most injured employees are entitled to benefits following an accident at their job site, these benefits are often denied. Errors in forms, medical diagnostics, and fraud can all contribute to the denial of benefits after a workplace accident or the development of an occupational illness. Working with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer can ensure you receive the benefits you rightfully deserve and may even decrease the time it takes to get approved for a claim.

If you were involved in an accident at your job, contact one of our skilled workers’ compensation attorneys in Utah today to discuss your options in filing a case and to protect your right to benefits.