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If you were injured in a workplace accident in Texas, you may be able to obtain benefits under Texas workers’ compensation laws. Workers’ compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that provides employees who have been injured in a work-related accident or who have suffered a work-related illness with income and medical benefits. Private employers can choose whether or not to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees.

The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation (TDI-DWC) is in charge of regulating the delivery of workers’ compensation benefits to injured employees and to certain dependants of employees who are killed on the job. The Division also helps resolve claim disputes and promotes, but does not pay benefits. Benefits are paid by the actual insurance company, and many, many things can go wrong.

In the event that your boss carries insurance and you are hurt at work, but are denied your benefits, you have the right to seek legal help. Our site is designed to make it easy for injured employees to find and retain an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Texas who will go up against insurance companies and recover all eligible benefits.

To find a top attorney in your area, just browse our site and you’ll find dozens of top legal professionals specializing in occupational injury law. They will help you fill out all necessary forms, will file an appeal if you were denied compensation, and will do everything within their power to protect your rights.

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Texas Workers’ Compensation Laws

Though many employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, Texas law does not require all employers to carry occupational injury insurance coverage. However, certain types of employers, including government agencies, are mandated to offer coverage to their employees.  A wide range of benefits are offered to injured workers, depending on the extent of their injures.

Below are the four types of workers’ compensation benefits offered in Texas:

  • Income Benefits (aside from impairment income benefits) – Replace a portion of a worker’s wages that are lost because of a job-related injury or illness. Income benefits include temporary income benefits (TIBs), impairment income benefits (IIBs), supplemental income benefits (SIBs), and lifetime income benefits (LIBs).
  • Medical Benefits – Pay necessary medical expenses for the treatment of a worker’s job-related injury or illness.
  • Burial Benefits – Pay for some of the deceased employee’s funeral expenses to the person who paid for said expenses.
  • Death Benefits – Replace a portion of lost family income for eligible family members of employees killed in a job-related accident.


When Benefits are Denied

Many employees in Texas who are injured at work and the loved ones of deceased workers are denied the benefits they deserve, leaving them to cover their own expenses unfairly. Insurance carriers often try to withhold benefits, despite an injury or accident being sufficiently documented. This is when the expertise of an attorney comes into play.

Workers’ compensation lawyers fight for the rights of injured employees and deceased employee dependants and do everything possible to recover all their rightful benefits. The attorneys we feature on our site commit themselves to each of their clients and work diligently to find a quick and favorable solution for the case at hand. Whether you have just suffered an injury, have already been denied benefits, or believe you deserve greater benefits, we can help connect you to an attorney who will fight for the compensation you deserve.


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