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Have you suffered a workplace accident in Pennsylvania? Are you experiencing difficulty obtaining compensation for your injuries? Is your employer trying to deny your injury benefits? If so, you may benefit from hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer, and we can help you find one. offers access to an extensive network of experienced workers’ compensation lawyers who can help you recover the benefits you deserve following your occupational injury or disease. Just browse our site to obtain quick and easy access to some of the best attorneys in the state who will fight for your rights and work diligently  make sure you obtain your due compensation.  Once you find the attorney you wish to work with, simply give them a call, or use our convenient contact form below to receive immediate assistance.


Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Laws

According to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws, it is mandatory for all employers in the state to provide occupational injury insurance coverage to their employees against the incidents of occupational injuries or illnesses. However, the employers have several options when it comes to how they will provide the insurance. Employers can opt to self-insure, obtain a competitive state fund, or go through a private insurance carrier.

All employees in the state are entitled to workers’ comp benefits, even domestic servants and agricultural employees. If a worker is injured while on the job, then they have the right to be compensated for medical costs associated with the injuries and lost wages due to temporary or permanent disability. The dependants of workers who die as a result of a job-related accident are also entitled to death benefits.


What Happens When a Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied?

Although the state’s occupational laws protect Pennsylvania workers in the event of an injury on the job,  many employees who are hurt often get denied these benefits, leaving then to cover the expenses related to the injury on their own. There are also times when the families of deceased workers are denied the death benefits they deserve. If you are suffering with this problem, a workers’ comp lawyer can help you file a claim and recover your rightful benefits.

Insurance companies often withhold benefits, even when a worker’s injuries or illness are properly documented. When an employee is self-insured, the problems only get worse. Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Pennsylvania will speak to your employer and their insurance carrier in order to protect your right to benefits. They will also help you obtain medical care if you haven’t already done so, or improved treatment if the healthcare provider your employer assigned you to has not done a sufficient job at helping you recover.

An occupational injury can have drastic ramifications for both a worker and their loved ones. Obtaining legal counsel can ensure your case resolves as quickly and favorably as possible.


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