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Did you know that if you are injured on the job in Oregon, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits? Workers’ compensation laws is a form of insurance that employers carry in order to cover injury-related expenses for their employees. Workers’ comp can also provide wage benefits in the event the injury results in temporary or permanent disability and offers death benefits to the dependants of employees who are killed in a job-related accident or illness.

Right now, you must be wondering, “Will I be covered by workers’ comp insurance if I am hurt at work?” The answer is YES.

According to Oregon workers’ compensation laws, it is mandatory for all employers in the state to carry proper insurance coverage for occupational injuries and illnesses that employees may suffer from. The state does not permit waivers to be issued to any employer. This means that regardless of whether an employer hires 1 or 1,000 employees, each and every worker will be covered in the event of a job-related accident or illness. Part-time worker? No problem. All positions are covered as well.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all workers will receive benefits. Oftentimes, injured workers and the dependants of deceased workers are denied their rightful benefits, but that’s where we step in to assist. features access  to some of the state’s most experienced and dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys that can help you recover your rightful compensation.  We make it quick and easy to find and retain a lawyer you can trust. All you have to do is browse through our site to find attorneys in your area, then click on their profiles to learn more about their firm, education, case history, and more!

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What Happens When Workers’ Compensation Claims are Denied?

Oregon state’s laws may mandate employers to carry workers’ comp insurance, but that doesn’t mean injured parties will obtain benefits. Sometimes claims are denied for various reasons, including incorrect medical diagnostics, fraud or human error. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney knows exactly what to do when a claim is denied and will help you if you are struggling with this situation.

Our featured lawyers will investigate the circumstances leading up to and resulting from your injury or illness and will speak with both your employer and their insurance provider to make sure you recover the benefits you deserve.

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The longer you wait to file an occupational injury claim, the more likely you may get denied benefits. Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Oregon are standing by, waiting for your call. They will provide you with the superior legal services you deserve so you can obtain the maximum coverage you are entitled to.  Whether your injury was severe or mild, temporary or permanent, give our attorneys a call today to get started on your claim, or use our convenient contact form so we can connect you with a knowledgeable legal professional in your hometown immediately.