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Were you injured on the job in Montana? Have you suffered an illness related to your job? Did you lose your spouse following an accident at their workplace? If so, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and we are here to help you obtain them.

Workers’ compensation, also known as workers’ comp or workmans’ comp, is a state-mandated insurance program that provides workers with medical and wage loss benefits in the event of an accident on the job. Payments are made while the victim is recovering or if the injury resulted in permanent disability. Dependants of victims who have been killed due to an accident at work may also be entitled to benefits.

Unfortunately, the laws aren’t always easy to decipher, and insurance companies don’t always pay victims what they should. Hiring an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is key to ensuring you recover the full spectrum of benefits you deserve, and we are here to make sure you connect with a top legal professional.

Our site features access to dozens of workers’ compensation attorneys in Montana who will help you file a claim and recover your rightful benefits. We feature detailed profiles on the best lawyers in your area to make the process of choosing and retaining legal counsel as easy as possible. We know you have suffered a great deal of pain, and we know you don’t have time to sift through endless legal profiles. For these reasons, we provide access to only the highest rated attorneys who will make you their top priority so you can obtain the best possible resonation for your case. Call one of our attorneys to schedule a consultation today.

Montana Workers’ Compensation Laws

In Montana, workers’ compensation covers a wide-range of injuries and disabilities. For temporary total disability (TTD), payments are calculated as a percentage of the worker’s wages and continue for the duration of the disability, or until the worker is able to resume their previous job or similar.

Permanent total disability (PTD) benefits are based on the worker’s wages as well, and continue for the duration of the disability, or until the worker is eligible for full Social Security retirement benefits or similar benefits.

Like TTD and PTD benefits, permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits are also paid based on the worker’s wages. Payments may continue for up to 350 weeks.

Other benefits available under workers’ compensation include benefits for serious disfigurement of the face, head, or neck, physical rehabilitation benefits,  vocational rehabilitation benefits, and occupational hearing loss benefits.

Death benefits are payable to an employee’s surviving spouse and children, including a burial allowance.


What This Means for You

It’s important that you know what your benefits are under the law following an injury at your job site.  Insurance companies don’t always pay out the benefits they should, but having an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Montana by your side can ensure your right to medical treatment and reimbursement, as well as lost wages, is protected.

Let us help you obtain the compensation you deserve following your workplace accident or the death of your spouse or parent. Contact one of our featured attorneys directly or use our convenient contact form to obtain assistance immediately.