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If you were injured in a workplace accident in Iowa or suffered a work-related disease, you may be entitled to benefits. Workers’ compensation, also known as workers’ comp or workmans’ comp, is a form of insurance that provides victims with compensation for medical expenses related to the injury, disability benefits, and lost wages. Unfortunately, not everyone receives the compensation they deserve.

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Iowa Workers’ Compensation Laws

Most employers in Iowa are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Insurance is mandatory for eligible employees, unless the employer applies to the Iowa Insurance Commissioner to become self-insured. As a result, the majority of employees who are injured in Iowa at their workplace will be eligible to receive benefits if they have a job-related injury.

Following the injury, the employer will provide the victim with reasonable and has the right to choose said medical care. However, if the employee is not satisfied with the care they were provided, they can discuss the issue with their employer or insurance carrier. In certain situations, alternate care will be provided. If the physician chosen by the employer gives a diagnosis the victim feels is not adequate, the employee has a right to be examined by another doctor of their own choice, which will be covered at their employer’s expense.


What Benefits Can You Expect?

As a victim of a workplace injury, you can expect both medical, disability and wage benefits under Iowa workers’ compensation laws. Payment of all reasonable and necessary medical care will be afforded, as well as compensation for transportation expenses for said care. Employees that must leave work for medical treatment may be eligible for lost wages.

The following are the types of disability benefits offered to injured Iowa workers:

Temporary Total Disability (TTD) – Afforded when an injury results in more than three calendar days of disability and paid until the employee has returned to work or is medically capable of returning to similar employment.

Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) – Payable if the employee returns to work at a lesser paying job due to their injury.

Healing Period (HP) – Paid to employees who are recuperating from an injury which produces permanent impairment. Will continue to be paid until: a) The employee returns to work; b) The employee is told by a doctor that significant improvement from the injury is not anticipated; or c) The employee is medically capable of returning to similar to the employment.

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) – Paid when a job-related injury results in a permanent disability. Benefits are payable in addition to HP benefits.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD) – Payable when a job-related injury leaves an employee incapable of returning to gainful employment. These benefits are payable as long as the employee remains permanently totally disabled.

Death Benefits – Payable to the dependants of a worker killed in a job-related accident.


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