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Workers’ Compensation Laws in DC

In DC, an employer is required to have Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage if they have at least one employee in their service. Employees should notify their supervisor as soon as they suffer the injury to prevent the delay of compensation, or worse, the denial of benefits.  The law states that an injured worker must give notice of the injury and the fact that it is work-related within 30 days of the date of the injury. Written notice is preferred in order to protect the victim’s rights and ensure the incident was documented.

In order to have a viable claim, the employee’s injury must be an “accidental injury.”  An “accidental injury” is defined as an injury that occurs during the course and scope of an employee’s job. The injury must occur during the victim’s “work hours.” However, even employees who are not “on the clock” may be compensated if the injury occurred while the worker was preparing to begin work or just finished the workday.

How Benefits are Paid

Workers’ compensation is paid at the rate of two-thirds of the victim’s gross average weekly wage. The average weekly wage is calculated in the 52-week period leading up to the date of the injury. However, minimum and maximum rates of compensation vary from year to year. No compensation is afforded for the first three the injured employee is off of work unless the injured worker is out for more than 14 days. In this case, the injured worker is entitled to compensation from the date the disability began.

These laws can get very complicated. The amount compensated, when and how all depend on the type of injury and various other situations. There are even times when insurance companies will try to deny benefits. Having a skilled attorney who knows the law can prevent this from happening.

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