Filing a Workers Compensation Claim in the State of Indiana

The workplace is where we engage ourselves in work-related activities that allow us to provide for ourselves and our families. Although there are state requirements that note that the work environment must meet laws and regulations regarding it being safe and hazard free, accidents do occur and people do become injured while on the job. […]

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NFL Players Demand Worker’s Comp Covers Concussions

In most places of employment, when an individual becomes injured while on the job, they are entitled to receive treatment for their injuries which are paid through under a worker’s compensation claim. While this is common in most jobs, the NFL (National Football League) has its own particular policies that are a little bit different. […]

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Birmingham, AL Workers Compensation Lawyers

Federal and state governments have established worker’s compensation laws that makes it mandatory for employers to offer certain kinds of insurance benefits to employees who are injured in the workplace. These laws and procedures can vary from one state to another, but the following are some general rules highlighted by Birmingham, AL worker’s compensation lawyers.


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Oregon is One of the Better States for Worker’s Compensation—But Workers Need to Know Their Rights

PORTLAND and PENDLETON, Oregon. As many states reduce worker’s compensation benefits, Oregon remains in the minority. According to Oregon Live, unlike 33 other states, Oregon has not passed any major worker’s compensation reforms since 2002. In many states across the country, workers face reduced payments for injuries, arbitrary time limits placed on how long they […]

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Companies Opting Out of Worker’s Compensation Puts Injured Workers at Risk

MONTGOMERY, Alabama. Workers who are personally injured on the job waive their right to sue their employers and instead gain access to worker’s compensation benefits which pay for their medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation. However, recent investigative reports across the country have revealed a corporate push to reduce worker’s compensation benefits, putting workers and […]

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What Benefits am I Entitled to for a Work-Related Injury?

Every job brings along with it different tasks and responsibilities. While some are less strenuous than others, certain jobs place people in situations that risk their health, well-being, and sometimes even their life. Take a construction worker for instance. These workers are mainly working around heavy equipment and sometimes on top of tall buildings. There is more room for an injury to arise and many worker’s compensation claims are filed due to work-related injuries that occurred on a construction site. […]

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What Are Some Ways Pennsylvania Employers Can Avoid Workplace Accidents?

Pittsburgh, PA- Workplace accidents leave thousands of workers in Pennsylvania injured and unable to work. Sometimes workplace accidents end in fatal injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that 4,821 workers were killed in accidents while on the job. Many of those injuries and deaths could be prevented if employers took the steps […]

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Employees are Losing Worker’s Compensation Benefits

A recent report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found that employees now only shoulder approximately 20% of the cost of workplace injury and illness. The OSHA found that every year, approximately 3 million workers are seriously injured on the job. Despite the fact that employers have a responsibility to provide worker’s compensation insurance […]

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration Prevents Employers from Retaliating Against Workers for Reporting Injuries

PORTLAND and PENDLETON, Ore. If you’ve been injured on the job, it is important to understand your rights. Workers have the right to report workplace injuries and seek compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation. Under Oregon’s laws, almost all workers are covered by worker’s compensation, and virtually all worker’s have the right […]

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Rochester Grocer Fined After Conveyer Belt Accident, Was This the First Accident?

Rochester, NY- A Rochester grocer was recently fined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration after an employee was severely injured in a conveyer belt accident. What’s more, reports indicate that the grocer, Wegmans, has been previously cited for safety hazards in the workplace. says that OSHA fined Wegmans $14,000 for an incident that left one […]

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